In a head-to-head face-off, Momentum produces twice the results!

It's true. Momentum recently completed a 6 month campaign competition against a fast-talkin', slick-sellin', "big city" ad firm. With 30% less ad budget than them we delivered over twice the response for the client!

At some point, it happens to most agencies — some hot shot salesguy walks into your client and tells them anything they want to hear in order to take the business. It happened to us. Fortunately, the client was smart enough not to simply switch agencies, but unfortunately was duped enough to put us into a competition to see what we could do against Mr. Big Talk. They handed over half of their ad budget over to the new guy, expecting to see grand results, and sat back to watch the "new and improved" advertising light up the phones. It didn't.

Days turned to weeks, and weeks into months. After six months, the numbers were in — with 30% less budget than them, we produced over twice the phone calls and of the phone calls we created, nearly 20% more than theirs converted to clients — twice the phone calls and 20% greater conversion.

Unlike the other guys, we won't make extravagant claims to win your business — we let our quality and results speak for us. However, we are completely confident that we can improve your advertising situation, and do it with integrity not slick sales talk. What results can we produce for you? Call us today and let's find out.

Momentum delivers a 500% return on investment for the Vein Centers of Utah!

ROI is everything in advertising and for the Vein Centers of Utah, Momentum does everything.

Once a struggling practice desperately trying to find more patients, within a year of getting Momentum, the Vein Centers of Utah is enjoying over 500% returns on its advertising investment, has brought on more physicians and is looking into expansion to other cities.

Though 500% ROI isn't typical for most clients, it isn't unheard of, especially for businesses with a good product or service to offer, the wisdom to invest in advertising, and the foresight to do it with Momentum.

If you're wanting to improve your return on your advertising investment, call us. We'll do a complimentary review of your current approach and, if possible, get you on the road to greater numbers.

Momentum breaks the bank...the phone bank!

When was the last time you complained about getting too many customer calls? For one of our clients, it wasn't so long ago. Click here to see how we made it happen, and did so faster than any other firm.

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TV/Video/HD/DVD production.
Media placement.
Strategy development.
All with a fun, friendly, personal touch.

If you need anything advertising, we can do it for you, and do it well. Give us a try and you’ll
see why our clients love gaining Momentum.

Increased calls.
Increased case quality.
Increased revenues.

We've done it for other clients.
We know how to do it for you.
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More patients.
More revenue.
More time doing what you do best.

Advertising is the new cutting edge of medicine.
We'll give you the sharpest edge possible.
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