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Momentum time-travels with the explosive energy of Zizzazz!

Momentum recently released the latest in the Zizzazz Energy Drink Mix commercial arsenal. Our latest installment follows a tour group through the Museum of Energy Drinks to see the old ways of energy drinks and brings you to the future of energy— Zizzazz drink mix stick packs. Come take a look? The tour starts here.

Momentum puts some "Big Hurt" on our client...and they love it!

Zizzazz Explosive Energy Drink Mix has retained Momentum to produce their national TV and web campaign. In less than six weeks, we've taken them from only a web and local radio presence to a full fledged national TV campaign including several celebrity endorsement commercials, including two-time Major League Baseball MVP Frank "The Big Hurt" Thomas, and a conceptual spot that will be shaking up the competition. Click here to see it in action.

In a head-to-head face-off, Momentum produces twice the results!

It's true. Just this last year, Momentum successfully waged a 6 month campaign competition against a fast-talkin', slick-sellin', big city ad firm. With 30% less ad budget than them we delivered over twice the response for the client! Click here to read the full story and learn why it makes sense to get (and keep) Momentum.

Momentum delivers a 500% return on investment for the Vein Centers of Utah!

ROI is everything in advertising and for the Vein Centers of Utah, Momentum does everything. Click here to read about how we turned a struggling practice into a booming success!

Momentum breaks the bank...the phone bank!

When was the last time you complained about getting too many customer calls? For one of our clients, it wasn't so long ago. Click here to see how we made it happen, and did so faster than any other firm.



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