There's nothing better...

... than hearing your phone ring with another new client!
Unfortunately, it's not always easy for you as an attorney to get new clients to call you.
That's why calling Momentum is your first step toward experiencing attorney advertising ecstasy.

Attorney advertising has become one of the most competitive markets. Separating yourself from the rest of the field and rising above the competition is critical to succeeding in this industry.
Unsure of how to maximize your advertising budget?
Get Momentum. Call us today. 1-866-7-DESIGN today.

(Oh and by the way, when you call there's no worries — you won't be hit with a fast talkin' salesman — we'll listen to your objectives and then give you options. Like what we have to offer? Welcome aboard, and enjoy the ride! If you don't,
then you're on your way, and thanks for the call. Everything's easier with Momentum.)

Need something? We can do it all for you, and do it well.

Need new ads created in print, web, radio or TV?
Need affordable licensing of existing ads?
Need someone to determine the best place to put your advertising?
Need more spots for the money you're already spending?
Need an agency that's easy (even enjoyable!) to work with and actually cares about your input?
Need to be better than your competition?
Need more than you're getting right now?

Get Momentum.
We've done it right for clients in the most competitive markets, and we can do it for you too.


Get your ad for FREE!

Like one of our ads? Want to use it? With no use fee? Okay.

Here's how it works: You can use any qualifying Momentum ad with no licensing fees as long as 1) you are placing at least $10,000 of media per month 2) providing we place your media for you and 3) the ad isn't already being used in your market. There is a $1500 one-time editing fee to customize the commercial with your logo, phone number/ info, image, etc. and then it's yours to use as long as we place your media for you (If you sign a 12 month commitment we'll waive the editing fee!) It's that simple. No other strings attached. If you're already spending the money to advertise, why not get a great ad thrown in?

It's a win, win, and win again.

First, you get a top quality ad to use indefinitely for simply spending what you already are — WIN!
Second, we can likely get you more spots for your money — WIN!!
Third, we'll look at where your ads are playing and find more effective places or times to better find those customers for you — WIN!!!

Better than the "big guys"

We've literally gone head to head against the "big attorney ad firm" and beat their results by nearly three times over! Dollar for dollar, day for day, same market, same client we produced over twice the client calls and nearly three times the new cases. (Full story here) What does this mean for you? It means that we can do just as much for you and in some cases (like this one) a whole lot more than the "big guys"— and chances are, we can do it for a lot less than what they'll charge you. If you're considering improving your advertising, give us a call and let us earn your business by giving you more business.

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TV/Video/HD/DVD production.
Media placement.
Strategy development.
All with a fun, friendly, personal touch.

If you need anything advertising, we can do it for you, and do it well. Give us a try and you’ll
see why our clients love gaining Momentum.

Increased calls.
Increased case quality.
Increased revenues.

We've done it for other clients.
We know how to do it for you.
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More patients.
More revenue.
More time doing what you do best.

Advertising is the new cutting edge of medicine.
We'll give you the sharpest edge possible.
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